“I didn’t tell my wife i had no legs until we married, what happened next shocked me”- Man shares his story (video)

An emotive story published by Afrimax TV that reads like a scene from a movie has been shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Just moments before their wedding, a man with a physical disability revealed his condition to his future bride-to-be. When the man, Ndayisenga, revealed to his spouse that he has no legs, it took years for her to accept it.

Despite the fact that she was completely taken aback by the turn of events, his wife swore her commitment to him and informed him that she would love him no matter what happened.

Prior to then, Ndayisenga and Deborah had been dating for two years, and she was completely unaware of his problem because they had never been intimate, as part of their commitment to being pure until marriage.

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He described the tragic events that led to his amputation of both legs below the knee after being injured in a bomb blast, taking viewers along for the ride.

He disclosed that many people in his village had tormented him because of his condition and that many of them had warned him that no woman would ever accept him as a husband.

He claimed that he met Deborah while competing in a singing competition and that he knew she was the missing rib right away. His inability to tell her that his legs had been amputated during their time together was due to his fear of rejection at the time of their courtship.

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Check out the entire interview in full.

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