“I can cook, clean, sweep, and knack you well” – Handsome man searches for sugar Mummy

A young, attractive man from Nigeria is on the lookout for a wife, but the scope of his search has been narrowed to those living outside the country, specifically those in Europe, Australia, and the United States of America.

The young man, who went by the name of Chudy, addressed his statement to Nigerian-based women residing in the western globe, telling them that if any of them are looking for a husband to accompany them to their new home, they should not hesitate to contact him.

He emphasized his personal traits, which included cooking, sweeping, being compassionate, and loving, as well as the fact that he is a fantastic bed solution provider.

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He went on to disclose that his genotype and blood groups are AA and O+, and he also guaranteed his potential partner that he would have lovely children.

His post as shared on Twitter read;

“In case you are based abroad and you need a husband to join you over there, That’s me on my avi. I’m AA, 0+, i can cook, i can sweep, I’m caring, loving and I can knack too. We will also give birth to cute children you know 🥰. Send me a DM if you come across this hun ♥️”

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