“I broke a girls heart, so she cursed me, i went to bed a man but woke up a woman”

The enigma of this world will never be solved. Miss Muyangu explained that she slept as a guy but transformed into a lady when she awoke.

“This girl and I had fallen in love and were planning a wedding, but we decided to part ways after some miscommunications,” she explained.

After I had refused her, she warned me that she would bewitch me. She went to the witch doctors and used their spells to enthrall me.

I was a male while sleeping, but when I awoke, I was turned into a female. If you want proof, I can take you to meet the woman who committed the crime. She said, “It’s a well-known story around here.”

When he awoke, he went straight to her mother, who asked whether he was hallucinating. He was prayed for by a group of intercessors, but nothing changed.

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As a result, she was obliged to dress like a girl, apply make-up, and wear undergarments in order to transition from man to woman. She claims he is no longer ashamed of it and now dresses like a lady wherever he goes.

He had no breasts before, but as a result of the witchcraft, he now wears a bra. It’s worth noting, though, that her gender is determined by a single woman’s activity.

He sometimes wakes up as a guy, and sometimes as a woman, so she dresses appropriately for the situation.

Despite being offered an apology, the woman who enchanted her pledged to never beguile her again as a result of the doctors’ incapacity to help. Her mother prayed that it would vanish as quickly as it had appeared.

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Miss Muyangu’s marriage has been marred by controversy and insults despite the fact that she married a man.

“As soon as I saw her, I knew she was a girl. We married after I proposed to her and she accepted. When we tried to make love, however, I learned she was a fellow male, which surprised me. The spouse admitted that he believed he was going insane. They were able to hash out their disagreements after a few hours and swore to continue to love each other.

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