“I Believe God Will One Day Make Me See Again”- Adelaide The Seer

Adelaide Bortier, popularly known as Adelaide the seer, has revealed that she has a deep belief that God would restore her sight one day.

During an interview with Abena Ghana on the Journey Show, the musician stated that she had been blind for nearly eight years. In senior high school, Adelaide the seer says she started experiencing eye aches, which eventually led to her becoming blind.

The young Ghanaian singer has a strong faith that God will perform a miracle and restore her sight.

Adelaide the Seer compared her life to a roller coaster, describing numerous highs and lows. “All of my life’s experiences have taught me a lot. Truthfully, as human as I am, I have days when I cry and feel very low.”

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Her contract with DopeNation, she continued, “couldn’t work out owing to how exhausting it was for me due to my current state.”