“I am waiting for the day my son will tell me this….” – Nana Aba laments and makes a shocking revelation.

Nana Aba has expressed her dissatisfaction with the payment of school fees, stating she can’t wait for the day her son texts her that it is his final semester as she prepares to pay her own for this semester.

Nana Aba tweeted that it’s school fees month, and she’s looking forward to the day when her son texts her to tell her that this is his final semester, as paying school fees in Ghana is difficult.

According to her, it is not insignificant that she would dance the day her son texts her to inform her that it is his final semester since paying school expenses is not as simple as we assume, and we can all share her suffering.

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Nana Aba’s post also implies that the baby daddy of her son Osebo isn’t financially supporting her, or that she’s simply expressing how difficult it is to pay school fees as a single mother.

See the image below.