"I am not stingy, i just don't like giving money to people when i am on camera"- Sarkodie

“I am not stingy, i just don’t like giving money to people when i am on camera”- Sarkodie

Sarkodie has at last responded to the numerous accusations of being frugal made by numerous people on social media.

The multiple award-winning rapper said that the most shocking thing he has learned about himself is that people think he is stingy.

For the first time, he emphasized that he is not as frugal as many people think.

Sarkodie went on to say that it is in no way implied by the fact that people rarely see him give money to others that he dislikes doing it.

He emphasized that, in his opinion, donating to people only because a camera is on him is extremely insulting to the recipients of the money.

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Sarkodie continued by saying that even if he encounters some of his fans on the street and decides to give them some money, he will stop as soon as he notices others taking out their phones to record the act.

For more, see the video down below.