"I am not a fraud" – Nana Agradaa finally speaks, says she only did fundraising

“I am not a fraud” – Nana Agradaa finally speaks, says she only did fundraising

Responding to accusations of fraud, Nana Agradaa has said she would never swindle or deceive the congregation she serves.

The controversial leader of Heaven Way Champion International Ministry claims she has never scammed any of her followers.

She claimed that she had invited members of the church to attend last week’s service and that she had distributed funds to help those in need with various businesses. And stipulated that before receiving the money, the recipient must join the church.

She also mentioned that, as is customary in churches, there was an offering taken up last Friday. So if first-time churchgoers donated financial assistance, and received nothing in return, the church shouldn’t suspect fraud but rather they should wait for their opportune time.

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“I am the only pastor who telecasts live all offerings in church; when I was raising the funds, I stood in the church and announced it to all the congregation, this was not in secret.

“I told the congregation that we are starting our offering from GHC1000, GHC800, GHC700 till the last coin. I also gave out a mobile money number where those without cash can send their money to, it is offering and it is from the heart,” Nana Agradaa explained in a live video hours before her arrest.

According to Nana Agradaa, everyone who claims she deceived them is a member of the same group that wants to bring down her ministry.

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“If you came for the all night, and wrote your name it means you have now become a church member; also, many want to destroy my ministry in this country…but for the kingdom business, I have said I will not sin against my maker.

“I am not the only one who has raised funds in the church so, where is my sin? I have not defrauded anyone,” Nana Agradaa stressed.