"I am jealous of m@d-men"- Wanlov

“I am jealous of [email protected]”- Wanlov

Wanlov the Kubolor, a well-known musician from Ghana, claims to be envious of insane people.
Wanlov the Kubolor is renowned for his distinctive fashion sense.  He is well-known for walking barefoot, wearing singlets, and tying a cloth around his waist.

Wanlov claims that Mad Men are free to move around without being stopped or interrogated while naked, but he will be arrested if he does so.

Wanlov stated this in an interview with Doreen Abanema Abayaa for Talkertainment.


He continued by saying that he would have to act insane if he chose to walk around freely while naked.

He claimed that the human body is like an air conditioning system that works by sweating, and when the breeze comes into contact with the sweat, it quickly cools the body down.  This is why he prefers to wear singlets and tying cloth instead of regular trousers.