"I am better than those who insult me, they wish I was their family member" – Yaw Dabo To Critics

“I am better than those who insult me, they wish I was their family member” – Yaw Dabo To Critics

Ghanaian Diminutive actor Yaw Dabo has dished out some pieces of advice for his critics who take plight in insulting him over his stature in a recent interview.

The Ghanaian actor claims that those who wrongfully attack him would treat him more kindly if he were a member of their own family. The actor explained to Accra FM that his critics need to understand that God has a plan for him, which is why he made him how he is.

“For those who insult me, maybe I am better than you. If I were in your family and I called you to do something for me, you probably would run to get it done. I would probably send you to get chairs if a funeral came home.

“To the person insulting me, should there be a funeral in your house, the wealthiest person will make you carry the coffin. Look, I always say, before you insult someone, you need to look at yourself before rubbishing them,” he advised.

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Dabo, who has been featured in a lot of Kuumawood movies, admitted that he would not have gotten to where he is today in life if he had been average-sized.

“You can’t talk about everything your eyes see.” This is advice to netizens who sit behind their phones and laptops to talk trash about other people.

“God had a reason for creating me this way, maybe if I were like you, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now, but then, since God created me this way, I am better than you,” he added.

After receiving numerous criticisms, the actor stated that he is careful about what he says about other people, citing a bible verse to support his claim.

“I watch my mouth when saying things about other people because the Bible advises that men lock their mouths with padlocks because it could get them in trouble.

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“The mouth can put you in trouble, and this may lead you to say something ill about someone and later look for them to apologize, but you won’t find them,” he expressed.