"I am a proud gay, I started 'sleeping' with men at age 16"- Nana Agradaa's son reveals

“I am a proud gay, I started ‘sleeping’ with men at age 16”- Nana Agradaa’s son reveals

A video has recently gone viral of a young man who says he is Nana Agradaa’s son and gives an interview in which he defends his mother but ends up talking about his sexual life.

During a live interview with blogger Zionfelix, the young man who identified himself as Phil Collins discusses his sexuality and the fact that he is a proud gay.

The young man claims that when his own family found out that he is a “homosexual,” they did not take the news well.

“When I was six years old, I began to see myself differently when I looked in the mirror. I started ‘sleeping’ with men at age 16, and that was the age I started having encounters with men. True, I am “gay,” but no one can change that because I was born that way. I did not learn it from anyone, nor did anyone initiate me into it. I got it from birth, “

The young man also asserts that his mother known as “Nana Agradaa” is aware of his condition and that she has been praying for him to change, but he believes God made him that way and he does not want to change.

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Phil Collins claims that he is currently married to a man and that he also has a son that he adopted.

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