"I am a 70 years old virgin looking for a lover"- Woman reveals (video)

“I am a 70 years old virgin looking for a lover”- Woman reveals (video)

A woman who is 70 years old and has never been married believes that it is not impossible for someone her age to find love.

Alphonsine Tawara is a Congolese woman who has lived her entire life without ever having a sexual encounter. According to her, she made the decision to maintain her virginity.

The elderly woman, who is still a virgin, stated that she turned down all advances from men when she was younger because she wanted to put in her best effort, keep her concentration, and take care of her younger brothers.

She went on to say that because she constantly put off the idea of settling down when she was younger, she never found a man who was interested in her until she was far into her 30s. This was the point at which age became an issue for her.

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“Because I haven’t met the right man for me, I’m still single. However, I was being pursued by various men when I was still a young girl.

“I dated a lot of people, but because I was the one looking after my siblings, I refused to get married before they finished school.”

“I used to turn down marriage proposals from men because I wanted to educate my siblings first and get married afterwards, she added.”

“I would get married if I found a husband. I’m prepared to live with my spouse as his wife.”

“Despite not having any biological offspring, she claimed to be the mother of numerous students.”

Watch the video below.

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