“I almost died wearing waist trainers”-Berla Mundi reveals

In recent times, practically every woman living wishes to acquire or keep a beautiful figure, and will go to great lengths to achieve that goal.

Some people may go to great lengths to get surgery to reduce their belly fat while also increasing the size of their hips and behind.

Some ladies use body shapers and media personalities to make their curves seem finer and more beautiful. Berla Mundi had a negative experience while using body shapers.

According to her, she just went through a body shaper and the pain was excruciating.

According to her, the way she felt nearly drove her to an early grave, and she feels she would not have lived to see 2022.

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Ladies, those body shapers that hold the stomach and waist in, are you comfortable in them? I tried one, and I almost didn’t see 2022 because I was suffocating. Eeeiiiiiii””, she tweeted.