Husband weeps after catching his wife getting intimate with another man on a classroom desk

Kwaku, Good morning.

My wife received a call at 4 p.m. yesterday. I’m not sure who it was, but she said she’d call her back. She received another call a few minutes later and stated that she was busy.

I heard everything, but I didn’t mind. Then, about 5 p.m., she said she needed to present something to someone and would be right back.

It didn’t sit well with me, so I asked for a more detailed explanation, which she provided angrily, saying she was heading to her school to select and submit exam questions to her mistress to be printed. She is a teacher, and their exams are approaching, so I understood.

Kwaku, when she went, I began to reflect on the entire situation, the way the call came in and how she couldn’t really communicate with the person, and so on.

So I took our 2-year-old daughter, and we followed, just to be sure she was telling the truth.

It poured heavily yesterday, too, and I know my wife. If she had been summoned to present those papers, she would have complained bitterly to me. The entire situation made me suspect.

I observed her standing on the roadside with one guy when I was almost to her school, so I urged the vehicle to stop.

They stood for almost two minutes before heading to school. I alighted and proceeded. I walked into the school quietly since I wasn’t sure what I saw was good. Can you believe I came up on my wife and the guy who was having sezzz in one of the classrooms in a doggie fashion?

It was a nightmare to witness. She rose up and pretended to move stuff as soon as she noticed me. She wore a flared skirt for the occasion. I couldn’t say anything because doing so would result in murder.

The husband sobs after discovering his wife having an affair with another man on a classroom desk that I had just left with my daughter. I didn’t mind that she kept calling and sending me texts.

She arrived home with her mother about 9 p.m. They were still denying having sezz. When she stood up, I noticed that the guy had his pens tucked inside his slacks. I refused to listen to her or her mother until she told the truth, and when she did, she said that was the first time they had met. I don’t think she’s telling the truth.

She has arrived home late several times this year, and she has departed for school on several occasions on the spur of the moment. She no longer complains about her job. This has probably been going on for a while. This is not something I believe I will be able to achieve easily.

We were all home together only yesterday, Kwaku, and I tried to get her in bed, but she said she wasn’t in the mood, and then I caught her having it with another man in a classroom a few hours later. This problem has made my entire day awful; I didn’t see it coming.

Effah Gideon

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