Husband of one of the 20 ladies in prestea s3x scandal d!es of heart attack after finding out his wife was cheating.

prestea scandal

The Prestea incident, which broke recently on the internet, is said to have resulted in the death of one of the spouses of one of the married ladies seen in the viral bedroom film.

Paa Agya, as he is known, is a Ghanaian living in South Africa who has returned to the Prestea township and slept with 20 women, 15 of whom are married.

While he sleeps with these women and engages them in video sessions, he tapes the act with some of them for his own entertainment.

However, the film made its way onto the internet, and one married guy who couldn’t tolerate seeing his wife in this nasty tape passed out.

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Mr. John fell after seeing his wife in one of the recordings and was transported to the hospital for treatment, but he did not survive the ordeal.

Mr. John, alias Nzema Marley, was a well-known figure in Prestea, but his death was prompted by his shame at witnessing his wife among the instigators of Paa Agya’s scandal.

Due to policy violations and our community standards, we cannot upload the video here, but it is fast spreading like wildfire on the internet and a simple search will get you results.

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