How This Tribe Live Their Life Without Technology Will sh0ck You – Photos

The Korowai, also known as the Kolufo, are a people who live in southeastern West Papua, Indonesia’s province of Papua, along the Papua New Guinea border.

While it was formerly thought that the bulk of Korowai clans lived in tree homes in their faraway territories, it was subsequently uncovered that the tree houses were created “for the profit of overseas program-makers” and that the Korowai did not live in them.

It is difficult to comprehend that, despite scientific progress, humans are still locked in old society. The Tree House is one of the tribe’s most intriguing constructions.

Believe me when I say that this is a blend of ancient vision and cutting-edge architectural expertise.

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The home in the accompanying pictures astounds me utterly. In fact, how do they establish and sustain these structures?

Even though it was rudimentary, this tribe was recognized for its friendliness. One of the tribal members smiles when conversing with a guest (in yellow) from another group.

The next time you are choosing a holiday destination, you will know what to do. Believe me when I say that you will not be dissatisfied with your choices. You will be willing to thank me afterwards.

The Korowai people’s principal vocations are hunting and farming, with fishing also being prevalent. Bows, axes, and other weapons are well-known among this tribe’s members.

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Is not it amazing that they have such a high accuracy index that they can even detect moving animals?

below are their photos;