“how people make their money shouldn’t bother you in 2022. Mind your business.” – Benedicta Gafah advises.

Advising the young of 2022, Popular Ghanaian actress Benedicta Gafah says they should focus on their personal development this year.

In a video that has been shared on social media, Benedicta revealed that she believes When someone focuses on themselves they’ll be able to unlock doors that others can’t even begin to open.

The attention of the youth, She claims has been on what other people are doing with their personal life for years, but she has pleaded with the youth to alter their focus.

Benedicta Gafah emphasized that the switching of focus to personal development will be a great thing for the youth to move their stable lives. She stated that the focus should always be on how to make one’s own money, not how others make theirs.

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“How to make your money should always be the focus that will take you far. This year learn to mind your business, mind the business that pays you, be in your lane and stop gossiping about people. Don’t bother yourself with how long people make their money. Focus on you,” the actress said.