Here are five reasons why most Ghanaian men [email protected] – Dr. Newman reveals

Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur, a medical doctor and clinical psychologist, disclosed five reasons why most Ghanaian men masturbate regardless of their relationship status in the studios of eTV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge.

Starting on the reasons, he said: “Some people start masturbating because they’ve heard it and want to try it so they really don’t plan it. There is no agenda. They just try it. The second is that some people are introduced to it very early. There are some kids who masturbate because a house help, cousin or relative introduced them at a young age so they even lose control over that kind of behavior”.

Another reason he provided was that some guys masturbate as a means of dealing with a painful incident they can not seem to get over.

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He said that someone who has been raped in the past may choose to masturbate rather than engage in the real act of sex because they do not want to be reminded of the horrible rape experience they experienced.

Dr. Isaac went on to say that some men utilize masturbation as a means of coping with difficult life events and stress since the fundamental hormones released during sexual intercourse or orgasms function well as stress relievers.

Furthermore, the doctor stated that some guys masturbate for the pleasure of it.

 “Some people may be hooked onto some kind of pornography or sexual behavior and they may use masturbation as a way of getting away from that sexual behavior”, he shared.

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Finally, the medical specialist pointed out that some people use masturbation to avoid having sex since sexual intercourse is considered morally reprehensible behavior to engage in while unmarried.

He went on to say that some married men masturbate while their spouses are abroad or when sex is insufficient in order to avoid cheating on their wives.

Masturbation, or the act of touching one’s own genitals for sexual stimulation, is entirely natural and can be a good method to learn about one’s own body.