Here Are 4 Strange Things Women Probably Do Before Visiting Their Boyfriends

It appears that whenever women/ladies are going our to visit their boyfriends there are 4 strange things they do before going.

from my own notice I believe these are the four strange things women usually do before they visit their boyfriend;

1. General Cleaning of their body:
women/ladies usually make sure their body is clean that is getting rid of all bushy hairs on some parts of their body before they go.

2. Time Wasting in Bathing and dressing:
women/ladies always waste time in the bathroom whenever they are going to visit their boyfriend, making sure they bath well even 2-3 times in the bathroom. they also make sure they are looking good when dressing up.

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3. New Underwears, Pants, dresses:
women/ladies usually make sure they impress their boyfriends by putting on new dresses, new panties, and new underwear so they look clean and fresh.

4. Starving themselves:
most women/ladies starve themselves when they are visiting their boyfriends because they always have in mind that they will eat there, others also do that to get their tummy flat to looks cute and smart.