Her dream is to have the tiniest waist in the world (photos)

She is a single mother who aspires to set the world record for the youngest waist circumference. Her small 21.5-inch waist is trimmed by wearing a corset 18 hours a day, she revealed.

Sami Wilson, a 26-year-old Georgia woman, started waist reduction training in April 2019 to help restore curves to her body after losing weight.

“I want to have the shortest waist in the world,” she said after losing weight. “If I go down to 14 inches, my waist will be about the same height as a newborn baby’s head and one inch less than the current world record.”

A woman named Cathy Jung currently holds the world record for the shortest waist, with a diameter of 15 inches. Isn’t that incredible? Just 15 inches!

Sami weighed 198 pounds and wore a size 16 a few years back, according to the British Daily Mail, but she was unhappy with her physical health and was desperate to improve her 35-inch waist. This is what prompted her to embark on this journey.

The mother, who has a son named Gabrielle, began losing weight in December 2018, but it wasn’t until 2019 that she saw a drop in her waist circumference. She went from a size 12 to a size 6 in just four months, but she was also unhappy with her waist, so the young mother purchased her first corset after seeing the effects of another woman’s waist training online.

“When I first started, all I wanted to do was try a 20-inch corset,” she said, “but once I got there, I just wanted to keep walking.”

Sammy Wilson currently weights 116 pounds and has a 21.5-inch waist. She wears her 15-inch corset for 18 hours a day to try to shrink her waist even more, and once a month she’ll keep it on for 36 hours.

“Despite people’s concerns, I feel it has significantly aided my health; I used to be a miserable binge eater, but I can’t overeat when I wear this.” It strengthens my balance so I don’t grow a hump when I get older, and it stimulates my metabolism,” she stated.

“My family has been very helpful, and my peers have assured me that I am unrecognisable,” she said. My mother has requested that I purchase a corset for her. I am much more optimistic now than I was before.

“Everyone needs to be remembered for something, and what I want is to do something I can be proud of and something no one else has done.” Sammy Wilson acknowledges that she receives a lot of negative comments from strangers who see her on the street after she slimmed down her waist.

Some people think I’m strange and call me creepy and ugly, or they wonder why I’m torturing myself like this. But I don’t understand how people can call it dangerous; it’s really really comfortable, and she added, “Life becomes much simpler when you are skinny and pretty.”

At this point, I’m sure Cathy Jung, the world record holder with the smallest waist, is shaking. She must feel intimidated by this single mother’s tenacity.

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