“Help me break a blṏ0d covenant I did with my boyfriend”- 23 yrs old lady cries

A young mother has appealed to the public for assistance in breaking a blood oath she had made with her partner.
Beatrice, a young girl from Kumasi, came to Kumasi’s Akoma Fm to tell her story.

She passed JHS with an aggregate of 14 in BECE at the age of 18, but her father refused to enroll her in SHS.

She was in a relationship with a boy who had graduated SHS when she was at Sehwi Bekwai, but the relationship didn’t last.

She moved from Sehwi Bekwai to Manso Nkwanta to be with her mother, and she had another connection with a local man, which ended when she met Isaac Frimpong.

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Isaac Frimpong, who resides in Kumasi, pledged to look after her and help her pursue her dream of becoming a seamstress.

Before he wants to stay with her permanently, the boy persuaded her to perform a blood covenant, which she consented to.

They’ve been together for around four years and have two children, but the man has failed to fulfill his promise of enrolling her in a dressmaking apprenticeship.

What irritates Beatrice is that when Isaac Frimpong’s pastor volunteered to assist her in continuing her studies, the guy declined and cut relations with the pastor.

Beatrice is fed up with the connection and wishes to get the blood bond dissolved.

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Isaac Frimpong was summoned to the radio show and said that he still had feelings for Beatrice.

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