He Paid My Fees But I Want Someone Of My Class – Nurse Rejects Taxi Driver Boyfriend

Investing time and money in a relationship has always been a topic of discussion.

The problem usually escalates when one partner receives a higher education than the other and then decides to divorce on the basis that they are not on the same level.

You Paid My Fees But I Want Someone Of My Class- Nurse Rejects Boyfriend Who Is A Taxi Driver

In a similar situation, a young lady who wishes to remain anonymous is seeking advice from others.

She was only 14 years old when both of her parents died, according to her account on one of the Facebook pages.

She claims she met a young man when she was seventeen years old. She goes on to say that the young man was only a street fruit seller, but he was able to cover all of her school expenses.

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After landing a job as a truck driver, the man was able to fund her university education. The hope was that the two of them would be able to build a future together.

The lady has now completed her education and is working as a lawyer, but she is in a pickle. The young man continues to work as a truck driver, while the lady works as a lawyer.

“I’m grateful he sent me to school and paid all my school fees but I cannot be in a relationship with him again. I’m looking for someone in the same class as me and not a truck driver. I know that no one should marry for sympathy or to return a favor. Marriage should be about love. I was young when I met him but now I can make my own decisions. Please help me to decide”. She added.