“He had sḗx with me in front of his wife”- Lady narrates her ordeal

Recently, a video appeared on SVTV in which a certain lady, whose job it is to have affairs with men and collect money, was being interviewed. This woman related a very tragic narrative about her life, which resulted in her ceasing to do that particular job.

According to this lady, whose identity has been withheld for security reasons, she was unable to attend school and was simply wandering through life until she was abducted and taken abroad by a specific man. She went on to say that she had worked as a housemaid for nearly a year without being compensated.

She made the decision to leave the house and seek assistance because she had actually traveled outside of the nation in order to earn money and provide for her children and mother’s needs. When she was just walking around, she came across police officers who discovered she didn’t have the proper documentation to be in the country and had been deported to another country.

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When she first arrived in Ghana, she had nothing to do, and it was at that point that a friend introduced her to the work she is currently performing. According to her, it is not her aim to be used by guys in order to obtain financial gain. That employment is even more perilous for her because she has no idea what kind of disease these men are carrying around in their bodies.

She shared a story about a time when a certain individual contacted her late at night. When she arrived, she discovered that the man’s wife was present and that she had just given birth and was unable to assist her husband in any way. She went on to say that the woman welcomed her with open arms and then stood by and watched as her husband had sex with her on their bed.

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It was obvious that his wife was there when he began to make love to me. She expressed herself.

What this lady stated led her to the conclusion that if someone is doing something like that, it is not her fault and that people who can assist should occasionally do so in order to prevent them from those acts of violence.

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