Hajia4real puts slaying aside as she pounds Fufu in a new video

There are various types of slaying queens in Ghana’s motherland.The majority of female celebrities in the country are viewed as people who do not participate in household duties. The way these slay queens display themselves may be the source of these netizens’ criticisms.

Because of their long nails, cosmetics, and other appearances, netizens perceive Ghanaian female celebrities to be sluggish when it comes to household tasks. Take a look at Hajia4real, one of Ghana’s most beautiful female superstars. Hajia 4 Real was spotted pounding fufu for her family.

Hajia4real has received a lot of attention after a video of her pounding Fufu for her family went viral.This film disproved many people’s assumptions about slay queens.

Many female celebrities in Ghana appear to be highly attractive on social media and are also quite involved in household duties. Before this video went viral, many social media users thought of Hajia4real as a well-to-do lady who did not do any housework, such as cooking.

watch her video below;

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