hairdressers and people who do make-ups will ❡o to ℏẻll – Church reveals

A church has compiled a list of over 60 offenses or “hindrances” or “sins” that prevent Christians or churchgoers from entering Hell.

According to a viral leaflet, the church warned the congregation that those who engage in such behavior are guaranteed to end up in Hell.

People who wear makeup are prominent on the list. The Bible, according to the church, forbids individuals from wearing cosmetics, thus those who breach the commandment will not be allowed to enter Heaven. 

Divorcees, general overseers, and hairdressers are among the faults that prevent people from entering Heaven, according to the church. Although this list was created for the church, it has now made its way onto the internet, where it has received a lot of attention.

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The purpose of the list was to inform congregants about what they should do and what they should avoid if they want to make it to heaven. To give credibility to what they said, the church inserted Biblical references to each of the transgressions.

Check out the following list:

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