Grown man scared he’ll be used for sacrifice, says Kanayo O Kanayo.

Nollywood veteran Kanayo O. Kanayo, known for his portrayal of wicked characters in old movies, continues to be associated with the nickname ‘Nnanyi Sacrifice’. Despite the passage of time, this reputation has persisted. Recently, a concerned man expressed his fear and apprehension towards the actor, prompting Kanayo to share the man’s post on his Instagram page.

The anonymous man admitted that he had never approached Kanayo at various locations because he was terrified. He revealed that Nollywood had typecast the actor as an unrepentant and cheerful ritualist, making it difficult for him to be in close proximity to or even share a meal with Kanayo. The man questioned why Nollywood only focused on one role, profiting from portraying Kanayo as a ritualist.

Furthermore, the poster suggested that Kanayo should be rebranded as a genuine man of God, as he had heard positive things about the actor’s character. However, the man still harbored fear that if he were to get close to Kanayo, he might fall victim to a ritualistic act.

In response to the man’s concerns, Kanayo captioned the post by seeking advice from his followers and friends. He acknowledged the man’s fears and sought guidance on how to address the situation.

Overall, this incident highlights the lasting impact that certain roles can have on an actor’s reputation, even after many years. It also sheds light on the power of perception and the need for actors to be mindful of the roles they choose to portray.

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