Groom Caught On Camera Chopping Mother-in-Law On Wedding Day

Groom Caught On Camera Chopping Mother-in-Law On Wedding Day

A groom was found bonking his future mother-in-law in the backyard, leading to the cancellation of a wedding after-party in Phoenix, Durban.

In Phoenix Unit 8, the event has become a hot topic of conversation. The bridegroom, Rajesh, wed Trina in a magnificent wedding in the lush Umhlanga.

The wedding reception was held at Trina’s home in Phoenix after the ceremony.

Rajesh and his mother-in-law walked to the backyard during the wedding to engage in some illegal intimacy.

One of the family’s nephews videotaped the entire episode on his phone and made it public, which led to the public being aware of the occurrence.

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Trina is said to have collapsed since the idea of her mother sharing her lover was too much for her.

Rajesh himself had to flee the family’s fury in order to avoid being beaten up. Further inquiries showed that the two had been engaging in an unlawful relationship for more than three months with no intention of ending.

Trina is reported to have filed for divorce following the awkward episode and has not spoken to her mum since.