"Good sex improves eyesight and cleanses the human heart" – Dr. UN

“Good sex improves eyesight and cleanses the human heart” – Dr. UN

Dr. Kwame Fordjour, popularly known as Dr. UN, has been vocal about the many advantages of having sexual interactions within the context of a married relationship.

During an interview on the show ‘In Bed with Adwen’ on e.tv Ghana, he explained that “Sex is important to everyone especially adults. Mentally, it makes you sound and also it improves the eyesight.”

The self-proclaimed ambassador for the United Nations pointed out that in addition to the pleasurable experience, sexually active individuals tend to be extremely bright and perceptive, and that God made sex so that men and women can learn more about themselves.

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Dr. UN went on to explain that having sexual encounters brings partners together but , which is why it is the only method for a couple to have children.

watch the video below: