“God will judge you if you don’t give money and things to your pastor”- Agyin Asare

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, a well-known Ghanaian, has confidently proclaimed that God will judge church members who succeed while neglecting their pastors.

On Sunday, March 21, 2021, the man of God urged his church to reward their pastors based on the material riches or asset bestowed upon them by God as a result of his interceding prayers for them.

He emphasized that certain church members began participating when they only had one vehicle or home, but now they have several possessions, so saying, “My prophet, this is yours,” is fitting.

He claims that the assistance he seeks from church members “could impact his income, family, food, and children’s education.” Planting financial seeds in your man of God’s life prepares you for your harvest.”

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“You are deceiving yourself and insulting God if you do not communicate material objects into the life of your man of God,” he said.

He made this inflammatory remark while preaching at his Dzorwulu church, Perez Chapel.

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