God is Good: 2-Year-Old Baby Falls From 5Th Floor to The Ground But Survived Unhurt

Per a video circulating on social media, a lady identified as Felicia Nungari was unable to contain her delight when Jayson, her 2-year-old toddler, survived unharmed after falling from a fifth-floor in Kenya.

This miraculous incident that left the child unharmed got people thanking God for saving the child’s life. The mother detailed what lead to this incident as she answered to a journalist who arrived first at the scene.

According to her, Jayson was playing alone outdoors that tragic day, and she heard her son sobbing and crying after a few minutes, and she rushed to check on him immediately.

seeing her child dangling from the wires, Felicia states that her world fell apart. She said she was holding the rope screaming for help she wanted to jump and save her son before he fell from the wire.

In her mind, she already lost her child but came down in tears just to find out a neighbor had already rushed him to the hospital. She got to the hospital and found her son alive. Felicia called her son’s survival “a miracle”.

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Her child was discharged after a week and with no serious injury. Jayson was a miracle baby because few youngsters can endure what he did without breaking a bone.