"Give Me My Car Key; You Always Take GH¢100 From Me Every day" - Okada Driver Confronts A Policeman (Video)

“Give Me My Car Key; You Always Take GH¢100 From Me Every day” – Okada Driver Confronts A Policeman (Video)

A young man who is an okada driver was caught on camera angrily confronting a police officer on the street, and many people couldn’t stay silent after seeing it.

If you look closely at the video, you can see that this officer works for the Ghana Police Service’s Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU). The driver was seen struggling with the officer, who was wearing a white shirt.

The driver stated in the video that the cop has been extorting money from him almost every day on this same road using various methods.

He occasionally accuses him of reckless driving and improper packing, among other things. He usually takes GH¢100.00 from him for these offenses but he is tired of this treatment from him.

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The man filming the video overheard the video telling the driver to remove the police officer’s uniform, but the driver refused until he was given the key to his car.

The driver has fought with the cop to the point where his uniform has ripped. Nonetheless, the cop stated that he will not give him the keys.

The officer instructed the cameraman to summon his colleagues, who were standing some distance away, to come and assist him.

After seeing this video, some Ghanaians expressed their disgust after seeing this video. Police no longer feel embarrassed about accepting bribes.