"Give birth when you are ready, don't wait for love or to get married"- Yvonne Nelson

“Give birth when you are ready, don’t wait for love or to get married”- Yvonne Nelson

When speaking with Andy Dosty, Yvonne Nelson noted that love may be a distraction when it comes to parenting. She stated that because of their shared love, parents quarrel on social media to the damage of their children’s future.

“I feel like when you want to have a kid, it should even be with somebody you are not in love with. The minute the so-called husband you love so much goes and cheats (and they will do it), you catch feelings, you go mad and all of that. I’ve realized that people catch feelings… they fight on social media, they do all crazy sorts because they are in love.”

Earlier, the single mother expressed her desire to have more children. She explains how she would go about doing so, mentioning that she has acquaintances who could be interested.

“Someone who is also ready and wants it (have a baby), I can do it with him,” Yvonne divulged.

Having children, according to Yvonne Nelson, should be based on mutual respect rather than love. In her opinion, if a woman and a man are ready to start a family, they should do so even if they have no romantic connection to one other.

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“You do crazy stuff when you are in love. So if you want to bring a child into this world, it should be mutual respect and understanding. Be responsible. Be ready to have a baby, not because you are in love with someone. That’s all I’m trying to say. Do not go and get pregnant because you are in love with a man.”