Gifty Anti looks old after releasing a no-makeup photo of herself.

Gifty Anti, a veteran Ghanaian media figure, has sparked a stir with a no-makeup shot!

After washing her makeup for the first time, the presenter of the Standpoint has entirely transformed from the person we know on TV to a different person.

The mother of one opted to go makeup-free for the day, but her followers were taken aback by the difference in her look.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti is seen in a state of terror, her true face resembling that of an elderly woman.

Gifty Anti mentioned in her caption that she will turn 52 in two months.

She wrote,“WCW Do you know I will be 50 + 2 next month, God willing? You gerrit? If you don’t gerrit, Forgerrit.”

Fans have had a variety of reactions to the images, with some expressing disappointment after seeing her without cosmetics and a wig.

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But the truth is that Gifty Anti is one of the screen goddesses of our time. Her appearance isn’t improving with age.

Take a look at the image below;