Ghanaians are shocked after a video of a young girl selling roasted frogs went viral.

A viral video spreading on the internet shows a young girl selling what seems to be roasted frogs on the streets of Ghana has people shuddering in disgust.

Although the ingestion of frogs is a treasured delicacy among the Chinese, it is foreign to their African counterparts.

Many Ghanaians get shivers just looking at the tailless amphibian, let alone having it presented on a platter as a meal.

However, this has not deterred a determined entrepreneur from getting into the business of selling frogs as a delicacy in order to make ends meet.

The little girl whose face was not seen in the widely distributed video said that the price of her products varied from GHC1 to GHC3.

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As she is heard in the video chatting with a young guy who questioned about the costs, the small size roasted frogs cost GHC1 and the larger ones cost GHC3.

It is unusual to see this sort of meat offered in full front of the public, yet

While many people have yet to accept this spectacle, this video has demonstrated that not all Ghanaians dislike the meat that the Chinese consume.

Watch the video below.