"Ghanaians are insulting me for managing the Taxi Driver"- Mrs. Roberta Maanaa Quaye (video)

“Ghanaians are insulting me for managing the Taxi Driver”- Mrs. Roberta Maanaa Quaye (video)

Taxi Driver’s manager (Roberta Maanaa Quaye), who returned 8,400 cedis to a market woman, was attacked by Ghanaians.

As soon as the video of the Taxi Driver got viral, the lady has been following him everywhere he goes.

She spends nearly all of her time with him when he visits media houses and drives around to collect money from people who are moved by his honesty.

Online Ghanaians are perplexed as to why the lady, posing as the man’s manager, is constantly encircling him.

Roberta has come under fire from certain Netizens who believe that the man does not require the services of a manager to maximize his star power.

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Roberta claims to be the one who captured and trended the viral video.

She said that after the video went viral, people contacted her on social media and asked to meet the driver and reward him for his bravery.