Ghanaian Lesbian Elladeevah drugged and raped for two days (video)

The incident of Elladeevah Ellios, a popular Ghanaian lesbian on social media who was gang-raped by some unknown men, has stunned the Ghanaian community on Facebook.

Elladeevah reported that she was drugged and gang raped for two days at an undisclosed place in a series of posts on her Facebook page.

She screamed for help as the perpetrators, who have yet to be identified, erased her phone, causing her contacts to vanish.

“I was recorded, drugged, and raped for 2 good days!!!” she claimed in a Facebook post. Cantoment police hospital is the current location. I am in desperate need of all the help I can receive. My life has come to an end, and all I want to do now is die.”

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Another unsolved issue is how the drugged Elladeevah knew she was being taped while the act was in progress.