Ghanaian Lady deported back to Ghana after her best friend reported her to US Immigration

– Ghanaian lady deported from the US after being reported by her friend
– Lady worked with friend’s papers to earn money but couldn’t secure her own papers
– Accumulated $70,000 in friend’s account and requested withdrawal
– Friend claimed to be sick and unable to withdraw money, argument ensued
– Friend called husband and police, who discovered lady’s illegal migrant status
– Lady found guilty and deported, now working as a dishwasher in Ghana

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Ghanaian Lady Deported After Friend Reports Her to Authorities

A shocking incident recently occurred in the United States, where a Ghanaian lady named Frimpongmaa was deported back to her homeland after someone she considered a friend reported her to the authorities. This unfortunate turn of events has left Frimpongmaa in a difficult situation, highlighting the challenges faced by many immigrants trying to secure their legal status.

According to sources, Frimpongmaa had been residing in the United States but was unable to obtain the necessary documents to legalize her stay. Faced with limited options, she made a decision that would ultimately lead to her downfall – she decided to work using her best friend’s papers.

For some time, Frimpongmaa diligently worked and earned a substantial amount of money, which accumulated to a staggering $70,000. However, the catch was that all her hard-earned wages were being deposited directly into her friend’s account. Frimpongmaa had an agreement with her friend that she would be able to withdraw the money when needed.

Desperate to access her funds and resolve a pressing issue, Frimpongmaa visited her friend’s house with the intention of withdrawing the money. To her dismay, her friend claimed to be sick and unable to fulfill their agreement. She insisted that due to doctor’s orders, she was prohibited from leaving her home for the next two months.

Frimpongmaa, in dire need of the money, proposed that an Uber be called to take them both to the bank. However, this innocent suggestion quickly escalated into a heated argument between the two friends. In a desperate attempt to resolve the situation, Frimpongmaa’s friend resorted to calling her husband, claiming that she was being attacked by Frimpongmaa.

The situation took an unexpected turn when the friend’s husband promptly called the police, who rushed to the scene. Through their investigation, it was discovered that Frimpongmaa was an illegal migrant living in the country. Subsequently, she was found guilty of staying in the United States illegally and was deported back to Ghana.

Now back in her motherland, Frimpongmaa finds herself working as a dishwasher in a local chop bar. Her dreams of a better life in the United States shattered, she serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by many immigrants seeking a brighter future abroad.


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