Ghana ladies make record as they rank first in the world’s most ‘unfaithful’ women list.

According to a new survey, women from Ghana and Thailand are the world’s most unfaithful lovers.

According to a survey conducted by condom manufacturer Durex around 29,000 women in 36 countries, Malaysian women came in third, with 39 percent confessing to cheating on their partners on a regular basis, trailing Ghana (62 percent) and Thailand (42 percent) (59 percent).

Russia (33%) and Singapore (19%) came in fourth and fifth place, respectively, according to Star Online. Malaysia came in third place among cheating couples, trailing only South Korea and Thailand.

Men from Singapore and Hong Kong were found to be the most promiscuous in Asia, having an average of 16-bed partners throughout their lifetime, according to the same poll.

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According to Kwesi, a company entrepreneur in Hartford, Connecticut, such a concept is beneficial to women. “It is common knowledge in our community, and even in our home country, that our women are unfaithful to their husbands.

You can’t urge your wife to avoid certain affiliations in the Diaspora; she’ll lash out at you and tell you to mind your own business, that she’s an adult who understands how to take care of herself, including knowing when to say no to an amorous advance.

It’s disheartening to be so defined, so I’m hoping they’ll learn something from this study and treat their married status with respect.”

“I believe the poll is accurate,” a woman who asked to remain nameless told me. “It pains me to admit it, but many of our married women sleep around.

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At least among my circle of friends, we have maintained other connections at one time or another. The motivating desire may not always be for financial benefit, but rather for the excitement of it. However, we are not unique among Africans.

I have Nigerian pals who are married yet have lovers outside the country. I believe our men should use the revelation to confront themselves and ask themselves what they are doing wrong. I don’t believe a woman would willingly go out there and cheat on her spouse if the ‘game’ at home is tight if you know what I mean.”

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