“Get married and leave someone’s son alone”- Netizens tell Yvonne Nelson after she posted a romantic photo with Dumelo

Yvonne Nelson, an actress, has been chastised for posting a suggestive photo of herself and John Dumelo on Twitter.

This nice photo was apparently taken in 2015, so we’re not sure why Yvonne Nelson decided to re-post it on the internet knowing full well that John is legally married and that his wife will be upset.

Because they often posed as lovers on the internet prior to John Dumelo’s marriage, many Ghanaians suspected he was secretly dating the actress.

Unfortunately, Yvonne Nelson’s wish for John to be hers was dashed when the star married another woman instead.

Because this isn’t the first time Yvonne has posted an explicit image of herself with John Dumelo, it suggests that Yvonne still has feelings for him.

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She didn’t get the kind of feedback she expected this time because many Twitter users feel she’ll damage John Dumelo’s marriage if she keeps sharing such photos.

The screenshots below show some of the scathing comments left beneath the photos;