German-Based Wife of Joyce Boakye’s New Boyfriend heavily descends on her for Snatching her Husband

Joyce Boakye has been cursed by the German-based wife of a Ghanaian borga known as Nana.

Joyce has been flaunting him as her new boyfriend, and the woman, Adwoa, who has four children with the said Nana, has had to keep a close eye on him.

She is currently cursing Boakye out of rage and pain.

Joyce Boakye has been filling Instagram with love over the last few days.

The actress claims to have met someone special and has been flaunting him at every opportunity.

As soon as the man was revealed on social media by posting photos with his face obscured, social media detectives went to work and apprehended him.

A Ghanaian living in Germany with four children and multiple baby mamas, he was discovered. He is married with four children and has multiple baby mamas, according to the information that was discovered.

People on social media warned her to stop doing such foolish things because it would come back to bite her in the rear end after Joyce Boakye posted a video of him.

The man’s wife, on the other hand, is cursing him and Joyce from Germany.

Adwoa has given birth to four children for Nana, all through surgery, according to Adwoa, and this is his way of saying “thank you.”

Nana is now dumping her for a b-list actress in Ghana, despite the fact that she cannot give birth due to her surgeries.

His abandonment of her and their children to go to Ghana and commit adultery was beyond her comprehension.

She cursed him bitterly for his actions and vowed that God would punish him for his sins.

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nana Afia

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