"GA Women like begging too much, that is why I didn't marry one"- Musician Nii Funny

“GA Women like begging too much, that is why I didn’t marry one”- Musician Nii Funny

The GA tribe, according to Ghanaian artist Nii Funny, is sluggish and frequently begs for money from men; hence, he did not marry a member of that tribe.

The “Broken Heart” hitmaker talked about his connection with a woman from the diaspora in an interview with Okay FM.

When questioned in GA why he chose a black American over a local woman from his tribe, Nii responded in GA:

“The women in Ga-Mashi don’t like me and are scared of me. I also don’t like some of their characters. They beg for money too much.”

“Can I have 1,000gh or 2,000gh for a funeral cloth when the funeral is not directly related to them? They are also lazy and don’t like working” he added.

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His comments sparked a heated debate in the Ga community, where his music is well-known and loved.

He’s been pushed by numerous people to apologize for his broad remarks.

See the video down below.