Funny Face nearly lost his life in an accident on the Accra-Kumasi Highway – Video

Funny Face, a Ghanaian comedic actor, has described how he escaped a near-fatal accident on the Accra-Kumasi Highway when an articulator truck crossed him.

When the terrible occurrence occurred, he was on his way to Kumasi to visit his wife and children, including the twin daughters. Funny Face is seen unharmed and describing what occurred in the video.

As per Ataa Papa, an articulator truck hit him, and before he knew it, his car was somersaulting in the air for a while before landing heavily on the ground.

The car is shown damaged in the video, with some sections of it falling off, and the rims of three of the tyres, for example, are shattered along with the bonnet.

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Funny Face pointed out that it is the same automobile he went to choose at Emmanuel Adebayo’s residence. He would have been a dead man if it had not been for God, given how everything transpired so quickly.

watch the video below;

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