‘We’ll Eventually Expose Akufo- Addo’s Gay official hiding in His Government’ – Foh-Amoaning Moses

Moses Foh-Amoaning, Ghana’s most outspoken homophobe, says that someone in the Presidency is pursuing a gay agenda, meaning that whoever this unknown figure is may be gay.

Ghanaians have made it known that they despise homosexuals and would stop at none to prevent LGBT people from exercising their rights. Moses Foh-Amoaning has become the crusade’s chief and public face.

In a recent interview, Amoaning stated that his alliance intends to hold prayers to shield Ghana from LGBT individuals and COVID.

They planned to hold a vigil at the now-defunct LGBT office, as well as a prayer session at Independence Square, but were refused permission, he said.

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Amoaning also said that someone in the White House is trying to prevent them from getting approval, alleging that the unidentified person is gay.

He said that they will reveal who that person is in due time. Amoaning then petitioned the President to allow them to have their prayer session in the Black Star Square.

I get the feeling that Foh-Amoaning is a closet homos*xual every time I see him go on his hate crusade. No one may despise anything that does not directly affect them because it is anything they despise for themselves!

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