"Fix Your B!g Tummy, It’s Destroying Your Brand"- Linda Osei Advises Xandy Kamel

“Fix Your B!g Tummy, It’s Destroying Your Brand”- Linda Osei Advises Xandy Kamel

Tiktoker Linda Osei has emailed Xandy Kamel some words of wisdom, urging her to address her ‘large stomach’ that has been making the rounds recently.

Xandy recently became viral when a video of her with an abnormally huge stomach surfaced on social media.

Despite being teased about the size of her stomach, Xandy insists that it is hers and that no one can alter it.

Linda Osei, in a video uploaded on social media, urged Xandy to quit burying her head in the sand and start working on her body.

According to Osei, popularly known as Kofios, Xandy Kamel’s demeanor is causing damage to her business.

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She said that if Xandy wants to build a great brand in entertainment, she must address flaws in her surroundings, such as her attire and looks.

Kofios then questioned whether Xandy’s swollen stomach was caused by a disease, in which case she advised her to seek medical attention.