First photos and videos from Richard Agu’s wedding, Heavy military presence there to protect the event

we obtained photographs and video of military men storming Obuasi to secure Richard Agu’s wedding ceremony.
Obuasi is about to get interesting when military men have begun storming the grounds of St. John’s Baptist Church in order to secure their comrade Richard Agu’s wedding.

Comfort has insulted the Military man, saying she would come over and recover the money she spent in him before he joined the army and dumped her for another woman.

As is customary in the military, some of Richard Agu’s friends have prepared themselves with high morale to punish anyone who wants to screw up the video.

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Some military friends were seen rehearsing in the church grounds in a video suspected to have been taken from the location, and images showed a couple coming in while waiting for others.

Check out the images below:

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