“Financial problems led to my departure from No tribe group”- Nacee

Renowned gospel singer, Nacee, recently opened up about his departure from the No Tribe group, citing financial challenges as the main reason. According to a report in Graphic Showbiz, Nacee revealed that he had been investing his own money into the group to ensure everyone’s well-being, even if some members couldn’t afford to pay. Looking back, he admitted that it was a mistake as he could have utilized the money for other purposes.

Nacee explained that whenever the group was called to perform at events, he had to cash out money from his music production to support them. He did this to ensure that everyone was taken care of, even if they couldn’t contribute financially. However, this decision proved to be detrimental in the long run as it put a strain on his own finances.

The gospel singer acknowledged that he should have been more transparent with the group members about the true state of their financial situation. This lack of communication led to misunderstandings and complaints within the group. There came a point when Nacee no longer had enough money to support them, and certain members accused him of withholding their payment after performances.

Feeling exhausted by the constant complaints and the lack of appreciation for his efforts, Nacee decided to take a break from the group. He realized that if they couldn’t see the value in what he was doing, it was best to step back.

The departure of Nacee marked the end of an era for No Tribe, as they lost a talented and dedicated member. The financial challenges and misunderstandings proved to be too much for the group to handle, leading to Nacee’s decision to distance himself.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for both Nacee and No Tribe, but it is clear that their paths have diverged. Nacee’s revelation sheds light on the complexities and struggles that can arise within music groups, and the importance of open communication and financial stability.


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