Finally, reasons why Medikal dumped Sister Derby for Fella revealed – Video has come across a throwback video of actress Fella Makafui which clearly tells the reasons why rapper Medikal dumped singer Sister Derby for her.

Medikal and Sister Derby’s breakup is no longer news and his marriage to Fella is also no longer news but for reasons why the two separated has always been a mystery.

both Derby and Medikal have failed to disclose the exact reasons why their relationship came to an but with the video we have chanced on, seems to be all the reasons.

Although Sister Derby looks beautiful it seems Medikal has a taste for women with big nyash just like his wife Fella.

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in the old video, we noticed Fella has a huge nyash which Sister Derby does not have.

we also noticed Fella doing her duty as a wife though they were not married at that time. she was seen preparing something delicious for Medikal which we think Sister Derby was not doing for him when they were dating.

the video below is just our analytics, what do you think?