Finally, Police Reveals the K!ller of Priscilla Tsegah; Why She Was K!lled and How She Was K!lled

The specifics of who killed Priscilla Tsegah, why she was slain, and how she was slain have been confirmed by DSP Mrs Effia Tenge of the Ghana Police Service Public Relations Unit.

Priscilla Tsegah was murdered.

Priscilla Tsegah was slain by another young girl named Natasha, according to the police.

How was she murdered?

Natasha murdered her by stabbing her in the abdomen with a kitchen knife.

What Was Natasha’s Motive for Killing Priscilla?

They suspect a lesbian relationship between the late Priscilla Tsegah and the accomplice Natasha, according to DSP Effia Tenge.

According to the police, the alleged killer Natasha is a Ghmedia School student who is presently on the run.

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How Did The Police Find Out?

She told the press, as reported in the National Newspaper Daily Graphic, that a hotel had filed a complaint alleging that Priscilla Tsegah was discovered dead in their hotel room with a kitchen knife fully embedded in her abdomen.

Priscilla Tsegah’s family had already filed a lawsuit and launched a search for her.

The suspected two lesbian love birds Priscilla Tsegah and Natasha rented the facility for days, according to the hotel’s statement to the police given by Dsp Effia Tenge. Priscilla Tsegah had occasional quarrels during their stay, implying that she was seeing a man outside of their agreed-upon purported lesbian relationship. The workmen, on the other hand, left them alone.

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Natasha announced that she was going to town to purchase something, but she never returned. They eventually discovered that their room had been shut for several days. They found Priscilla Tsegah’s rotting body in the room after picking up a spare key.

The real deed that led to Priscilla Tsegah’s death was eventually seen on CCTV camera footage.