“Fall in love with a plan else you will regret your actions” – Counselor Charlot Oduro advises

Charlotte Oduro, a well-known relationship and marriage counselor, has warned that falling in love without a plan will always have consequences.

People who fall in love without a plan after meeting someone for the first time, according to her, will end up crushing their relationship because it is not based on a plan.

On Okay FM, the counselor stated that youths have more time and life ahead of them to make the right decisions in life when it comes to entering into relationships.

She went on to say that people fall in love with strangers they do not know and that this is a dangerous path to take because they do not know what their future holds for them or their children.

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The counselor and relationship expert went on to tell today’s youth that they should make sure their partners have good character, patience, and are God-fearing.

It is not the shape, beauty, or stature of a person that determines whether or not a marriage will be successful; it is the combination of all of these positive characteristics that indicates a successful marriage.

She went on to say that today’s youth should not rush into marriage; instead, they should take their time getting to know their partners before engaging in any activities.