'Fake friend, you recorded video of my wedding, posted it online to mock me"-Bridget Otoo blast Serwaa Amihere

‘Fake friend, you recorded video of my wedding, posted it online to mock me”-Bridget Otoo blast Serwaa Amihere

Bridget Otoo, a journalist who recently got married, has called out a “fake friend” for intentionally putting her in the position to be insulted on social media by recording videos of herself during her wedding and posting them online.

One of the videos in question is the one that has gone viral and shows her husband Evans Ago Tetteh ignoring her when she makes a kissing gesture toward him.

Another one of them is the one that displays her chowing down on a particularly large portion of food while she is at the wedding.

Both films were recorded by Serwaa Amihere, who also made the initial post about them on social media.

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During the second take, you are able to hear her asking Bridget Otoo about the amount of food that she is consuming while she is recording.

Bridget Otoo attempted to undertake damage control on social media by posting an explanation of why the video titled “No Kissing” is her favorite, but the post was later deleted after receiving critical feedback in response to the films, particularly the one titled “No Kissing.”

A day later, she took to Twitter to level the accusation that Serwaa Amihere had purposefully uploaded the films on the internet so that other people might insult her.