Facts about Dan Marino’s secret daughter Chloe Savattere

Facts about Dan Marino’s secret daughter Chloe Savattere

Who is Chloe Savattere?

Dan Marino’s daughter is Chloe Savattere. He had a daughter with a CBS production assistant, Chloe Savattere. Marino told his wife about the affair and the child, but the rest of the world found out eight years later.

Chloe Savattere

Chloe Savattere’s father

Dan Marino is a former National Football League quarterback. He was a member of the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL).

For many years, he effectively led the University of Pittsburgh’s collegiate football team.

In the first round of the 1983 NFL Draft, he was chosen by the Miami Dolphins. He served on this squad for 17 years.

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Despite his lack of scrambling ability, he had a successful career as a football quarterback known for his quick release.

Chloe Savattere mother

Donna Savattere is the wife of DSan Mario. In 2009, four years after giving birth to Marino’s child, Savattere met Nahill Younis in the Bahamas. They later married and are still together today.

Although she had a previous marriage, it ended long before she met the former NFL star.

While these situations are rarely simple, these facts help to make things easier to understand. She was apparently single at the time of the affair and is now doing well.

It certainly could have ended differently.

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Chloe Savattere age

She is about 17 years